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South Park Street:

A South Park High School Roleplay

South Park Street Roleplay
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South Park High School Roleplay

South Park Street:

It is 2009.

It is a good year.

It is a typical Colorado year in the town of South Park.

Winter lasts too long, and returns too soon. Even in early September, frost is nipping at your nose while you buy your school supplies. Daily routines are established & maintained, and even despite the mundane aspects of it, life is still all too strange. But as if that would ever change, right? All seems to be the usual course of events at South Park County High School, with returning students meeting up with old friends, and getting ready to learn. [Or try to learn, anyway; it's negotiable with this teaching staff!]

Nervous ninth graders are hugging their parents, and tugging their backpacks along beside them with butterflies in their stomachs. Mommy and daddy's station wagon pulls away, the bell rings for first period, and yet another year of learning is upon us. Neither the first nor last these walls have seen.

However, this is South Park, and nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

Something about school this year is strange, a little different, even for South Park. No one can put a finger quite on it, but something feels like it's up. Rumors are flying around this year. Some good, some bad, all in private. Cheerleaders are gossiping, jocks are bragging, outcasts are smoking, nerds are texting, and honor students are tweeting. And yet nobody seems to know exactly what the source is.

Whose side are you on? Where do you socially stand? Will you betray your friends this year, or stand by them? What's going to happen to South Park? You decide.

Start school, and decide.

Welcome to South Park Street. Assuming you've come far enough to read this, we can only assume you're showing some interest in joining us. And that would be just great, we'd love to have you! As long as you remember to read the rules! ♥

South Park Street is a livejournal based South Park High School roleplay, set in [so far] the school year of 2009/2010. To give you a ballpark guess on ages, most of our favorite characters, such as Stan & the gang, are sophomore students. A firm knowledge of, and grasp upon, the general South Park universe is a must. Although we're not asking you to have seen every episode, and spout quotes upon cue, you should be comfortable writing for the fandom, and know how to act IC.

We play through our character journals and their entries, through AIM, and through logs; which can be written either through comments in the log community, or over IM and then later posted to the log community. You can learn more about all of this in our rules, as well as our guidelines. Roughly every week or two, we will have a mod update [through the form of the South Park Gazette newspaper], telling us about the coming weeks weather, announcements, social/academic events, unusual happenings at the school, strange stuff going-on in town, and so on.

You can play any character from the series, as long as they are canon based. As of right now, we are not accepting original characters, but this may change in the future. You can play anyone, from any grade, any age, male or female, good or less than wholesome. Students or faculty, adults or children, it's up to you. Just do your best, and have fun, zero pressure. As long as they were ever in an episode of South Park, they're fair game for playing.

If you want to play a character and are unsure still, you can learn a little more about this predicament in the guidelines and FAQ section, should you think it applies to your potential character choice.

Just make sure to always check the taken and reserved character lists first!

Reserves & applications open now; game has officially begun as of October 14th.

South Park Street Communities of Importance:
southparkstreet || spstreetlogs || spstreetooc

Taken Characters:
Our complete list of taken characters. It is separated by family names.

Played By Listing:
This is a complete list of people already being used for PBs in this community. You may not use anybody on this list, unless the circumstances are very special, and agreed upon by the player already using the PB.

Reserved & Wanted Characters:
This is a list of characters we're holding for people, and characters that we would like to see in the game. You can also place your own reserves here, and we will hold your character for one week.

Character Application:
This is our character application. Fill it out completely and leave it for us mods to read in a comment, and we will get back to you with our decision.

Player Contact:
This is our post containing contact information on your fellow muns. Need to get a hold of somebody? This is the place to look. Locked to current members only.

Rules || Premises & Common Locations || FAQ & Guidelines ||
Suggestions & Concerns || Hiatus & Dropping || Fast Add/Remove ||

Mod Inbox & Info || Pimpage || Critiques || Phone Book || IC Aim Listing ||

You can find our AIM chatrooms at: spstreet & spstreetooc.


Name: Amie [pyratesss].
E-mail: pyrateamie[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: Boys ala Radio
MSN: pyratesss[at]hotmail[dot]com
Timezone: AST.
Character(s): Bebe Stevens & Lizzy McKormick & Kelly Darson.

Name: Alpha [somatosensation].
E-mail: hieadenna[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: somatosensation
MSN: alphaslave@hotmail.com
Timezone: EST.
Character(s): Eric Cartman & Stan Marsh & Mercedes Gonsalves.

Name: Rae [covenmouse].
E-mail: covenmouse[at]yahoo[dot]com
AIM: covenmice
MSN: --
Timezone: CST.
Character(s): Kyle Broflovski & Butters Stotch & Henrietta Preiksa.