Bebe Stevens (sparkles_nshine) wrote in southparkstreet,
Bebe Stevens

[MOD POST] Activity Checking II!

It time for another activity check. We're going to try to keep them monthly, and toward the beginning of each month.

It's a very simple process, and we won't be too hard on you guys. We know that pretty much everybody in the game is around, so this shouldn't be an issue.

Just fill this out;

Simple, no?

If your character is brand new [within the last seven days], just respond here and check in with them anyway, even if you don't have examples to fill in yet. We'll understand. But if you've been here since the beginning.. well, you should have something to show, right? Thanks guys, and you'll have one week to reply to this [2009-12-8], before we'll contact you personally.

In short, CHECK IN OR WE'LL COME FOR YOU, dudes.

Even if you're new, let us know you're still trying to play.

♥ Bebe Stevens
♥ Lizzy McKormick
♥ Kelly
♥ Wendy Testaburger
♥ Ike Broflovski
♥ Thomas Foster
♥ Heidi Turner
♥ Rebecca Cotswolds
♥ Red Tucker
♥ Stan Marsh
♥ Eric Cartman
♥ Mercedes Gonsalves
♥ Butters Stotch
♥ Kyle Broflovski
♥ Henrietta Preiska
♥ Craig Tucker
♥ Bradley Bibbit
♥ Bridon Guermo
♥ Tweek Tweak
♥ Dylan Gray
♥ Shelley Marsh
♥ Christophe DeLorne
♥ Gregory Woodhill
♥ Damien

Tags: !activity check, !mod, !organization
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