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[South Park Gazette; Volume One; Issue Four]

Hello, South Park!

We hope everyone is doing well out there, and here is the relevant information in this issue of the Gazette;

► Next week on November 16th [Monday], the South Park County High School is re-opening for classes, along with South Park County Junior High School, and South Park Elementary. First period will be held at eight forty-five, as usual scheduling dictates, and all students physically well enough to attend are expected to be present; students will be excused further only by a doctor's note. Attendance will be taken as per normal.
► Students of South Park County High School should be aware that the faculty has made a decision not to postpone midterm examinations. You can only hope you've been keeping up on that homework! Midterms will be held Tuesday [November 17th], Wednesday [November 18th], and Thursday [November 19th], respectively.
► Due to the current school cancellation situation, the homecoming events planned for today [November 13th] have been moved ahead one week to next Friday [November 20th]. We will have the parade through main street, and all clubs intending to join should make sure they are registered, and marching band members remember to tune those instruments. This will be followed by the homecoming football game, including a half-time show to introduce this year's King & Queen, as well as their court. If you have not voted yet, please do so as soon as possible via any of the ballots placed around campus, or contact student government representative Wendy Testaburger with any questions. The game will be followed by the homecoming dance, and the official crowning & first dance of the members of the homecoming royalty! We regret to report, however, that there will be another year of cancellation on the football game fireworks show, due to statewide ban.
► It's just a week until South Park County High School Cowgirls Cheerleading team will be visiting Denver on November 21st for a state wide competition. If you are ill and unable to make this competition, please speak to team captain Lydia Chisholm as soon as possible. Best of luck, girls!
► Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 26, 2009. South Park County schools will be receiving three days off for this holiday; the 25th, 26th, and 27th. That makes a five day weekend! Lots of time to enjoy [and recover from] Black Friday.
► Most cases of H1N1 in Park County in the last week have been extremely mild. There was a single fatality in our area [name withheld; age 73], and health care officials believe that the virus seems to be spreading less frequently at the moment. Most affected individuals have recovered well, or are in the final stages of recovery. Citizens are still encouraged to use caution for the time being, wash hands frequently, and consult your doctor immediately if your symptoms become severe or abnormal.
► This Saturday [November 14th] is World Diabetes Day. Please promote awareness of this very serious disease, and support those among us afflicted with it.
► The South Park County High School Theatre Club auditions for RENT, which were scheduled for last week & canceled due to H1N1 outbreak, have now been given a new date. All interested actors and actresses can report to the campus auditorium on December 2nd & 3rd to try out.
Parents in 'balloon boy' case pleading guilty.
Dell unveils first smartphone.
Ashlee Simpson: "Don't call my sister fat!"
H1N1 Death Toll; 3900 in US.
Levi Johnston's Big Night Out.
Chimp Attack Victim Reveals Face.
► Weather this week looks seems to present some up and down motions. The coming weekend shows some mild precipitation, mostly snow. After that, things looks mild and sunny for the remainder of the week, but with low evening temperatures. We're going to see lows of -3°C, and highs of 8°C.

Want us to mention your event/news in the Gazette? Drop us a comment, and we'll make sure you're included in next week's issue of the classifieds!

This has been your Gazette update, and we hope to see you all next issue!
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