South Park Street Mods (spstreetmods) wrote in southparkstreet,
South Park Street Mods

[South Park Gazette - BREAKING NEWS!]

Hello, South Park!

► As of Wednesday, November 4th of 2009, the South Park city council has decided in favor of official school closure for all public institutions until further notice. All school events are being postponed, and the examination schedules of senior high students may also be edited. Students are reminded to continue practicing their best efforts to get better, or keep from getting any sicker. Washing hands, coughing into sleeves, etc. Within the next week, the council hopes to lift the quarantine, but that is only a tentative goal. Keep your eyes on the Gazette, and we'll keep you updated.

This has been your Gazette breaking news, and we hope to see you all next issue!
Tags: breaking news, gazette post, november 4th 2009, quick front page
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