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[South Park Gazette; Volume One; Issue Three]

Hello, South Park!

We hope everyone is doing well out there, and here is the relevant information in this issue of the Gazette;

► This week on November 3rd [Tuesday], the South Park County High School Theater Club will be hosting auditions for their performance of RENT. Arrive promptly at three o'clock, after last period, to secure a chance.
► South Park County High School Cowgirls Cheerleading team will be visiting Denver on November 21st for a state wide competition. Good luck, girls!
► Halloween is over, and now it's time for a new holiday! Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 26, 2009. South Park County High School will be receiving three days off for this holiday; the 25th, 26th, and 27th. That makes a five day weekend! Lots of time to recover from Black Friday.
► There have been several confirmed cases of H1N1 [Swine Flu] in the senior and sophomore classes of South Park County High School. Please be advised of further possible signs of influenza, and if you are showing these signs, STAY HOME!! Also, remember to wash your hands, and cough into your sleeves.
Obama to lift HIV/AIDs travel ban.
Chaz Bono: "I love being a man."
Five young adults charged in burglaries of celebrity homes.
Anna Nicole Smith drug case to go to trial.
New York declares H1N1 state of emergency.
► Weather this week looks pretty good. Mostly sunny, with short period of variable clouds. We're going to see lows of 2° C, and highs of 14° C.

Want us to mention your event/news in the Gazette? Drop us a comment, and we'll make sure you're included in next week's issue of the classifieds!

This has been your Gazette update, and we hope to see you all next issue!
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