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[South Park Gazette; Volume One; Issue Two]

Hello, South Park!

We hope everyone is doing well out there, and here is the relevant information in this issue of the Gazette;

► It has been decided that in December, the South Park County High School Theater Club will be performing a school edition of the rock opera, RENT! Keep your eyes & ears open for the official date of performance, and for auditions.
► South Park County High School Cowgirls Cheerleading team will be visiting Denver on November 21st for a state wide competition. Good luck, girls!
► There are just ten days until the Stevens' Halloween party. Does everyone have a costume yet? Since it has become such a big event, we have confirmation that the party will now be held at a conference room in The Airport Hilton.
Rihanna poses topless, clad in barbed wire, for promo of new single 'Russian Roulette'.
CNN Poll claims that Americans are split on Obama's proposals.
WWE Legend Hulk Hogan says he considered suicide after break up with wife.
Police say charges will 'likely' be laid against Balloon Boy's parents.
► Weather this week is looking decent. We have a few days with small bits of light showers, but the majority of the week will be clear, with just a touch of clouds. We're going to see lows of 3° C, and highs of 15° C.

Want us to mention your event/news in the Gazette? Drop us a comment, and we'll make sure you're included in next week's issue of the classifieds!

This has been your Gazette update, and we hope to see you all next issue!
Tags: gazette post, issue two, october 21st 2009, volume one
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