Bebe Stevens (sparkles_nshine) wrote in southparkstreet,
Bebe Stevens

[Mod Post 12] - Reserved & Wanted Characters


If you're looking to reserve a character, or add a character to our wanted list, then you've found the right place. Just keep our simple rules in mind when it comes to our reservation system.

o1. Character reservations will last for one week. On the last day of your deadline, you can request a three day extension, if you feel that it will help you. If we do not receive your application by the end of your allotted reserve period, then your reserve will be deleted from our list. You will then need to wait one more week before you are allowed to re-reserve that character, just to be fair to the other potential players.
o2. Please only reserve one character at a time. This makes it fair for others, and we also would rather you focus on the application in front of you, and do your best with it, than rush to do several at once in your week reserve period. Remember also that we have a two character per mun limit.
o3. We have no waiting period between characters. No waiting one week, two weeks, etcetc, in between fresh reserves. If you apply for a character and are accepted on Monday, feel free to reserve your next character on Tuesday, if you think that you can handle it.
o4. Please don't reserve a character for a friend/significant other/whomever, just so we can keep things from becoming confused here. Only put down reservations for yourself.
o5. Your reserve can be challenged. So please be aware that even if you place your hold upon a character, more than one person can still do the same, and thus you can all apply for them. We will not make our decision until we have received all potential applications, and then we will choose our preferred applicant.

And so if you would still like to reserve a character, please leave a comment [titled RESERVE] on this post with the following information:

Or if you're already playing with us, and have a character in mind that you'd just love to have for your character to play with, then just leave a comment [titled WANTED], and the character name in the comment field. If we're lucky, this list very well may inspire some new players to apply with us, or someone might know a friend that could play a character from our list. It couldn't hurt to try, right?

* We only accept additions to the wanted list from current and existing players.


Current Reservations:

Nelly - PENDING APPROVAL - bloodyfire
Tall Goth / Evan - [2009-12-6] - belialsusi
Vampir / Mike Makowski - [2009-12-7] - ienvy

* ¤ denotes a reservation involved in a challenge.


Current Wanted List:

~ Chef
~ Dr Doctor
~ Annie Polk
~ Millie
~ Mark Cotswolds
~ Trent Boyett
~ Scott Malkinson
~ Scott Tenorman

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